Being a Healthy Muslim

We all know how Important good health is for a human being to live a good life. the Importance of health is even higher than wealth. when you are not healthy nothing looks good. Our Deen Islam which is a complete way of life also guides us how to maintain a good health. following are some Islamic health tips for having a good health:

1 don't use alcohol:

our religion prohibits the use of  alcohol and considers its drinking a great sin. drinking alcohol has massive side effects on health. it even causes thousands of road accidents.

2 don't eat pork:

eating pork is also prohibited In Islam and according to different medical researches eating pork can cause several diseases. its not safe as compare to meat of halal animals like cow and goat.

 3 don't overeat:

Rasool Allah SAW has prohibited Muslims from overeating and advised them to stop eating while some hunger is left. overeating causes many health problems.

4 Use Miswak:

using Miswak is sunnah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW. do you know using it has many health benefits on teeth and it protects from cavities  gum infections.

5 cleanness is half of the deen: 

it is hadith of our beloved Rasool SAW that cleanness if half of the deen. we all know how Important cleanness is for good health. no matter its cleanness of environment around us or personal hygiene Islam teaches us to care about both.

6 Covering utensils and water glasses:

In the hadith of Sahih Bukhari and Muslim it is also advises to cover the Kitchen utensils and water glasses properly.

7 circumcision of male babies

In Islam circumcision of Male babies is done and according to medical research it helps against many diseases like Prostate Cancer, urinary diseases.

8 Washing your private parts after urination and defecation:

In Islam Its compulsory to properly wash your private parts with water after urination and defecation. it not only keeps us clean but also protects against many diseases.

9 five Prayers daily:

In Islam its necessary to pray five times a day. when you are praying your body is also exercising which is healthy.

10 Fasting:

In Islam fasting has great Importance specially in the month of Ramadan. fasting has many health benefits like it helps against cancer, diabetes, stomach diseases.

11 Using honey, dates and milk:

Prophet SAW has given great Importance to use of honey, dates and milk and amazingly all these three things are very healthy. honey treats many types of infections. milk is really Important for our body and bones.

12 Ablution before praying:

Its necessary to do ablution before every prayer. when we wash our self it not only cleans germs but also gives us internal peace.
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