Earning and Spending Money From Islamic point of view

We are living in a time when the Importance of money is more than ever. the desire of living a lavish life style is more than ever due to Impact of media. Our beloved Rasool SAW has told us that fitnah of my ummah is wealth. Quran tells us that our wealth and our kids are a test for us. there is no doubt that human beings love wealth. when they get the wealth they want even more and this desire never ends till we die. Having wealth is not a bad thing if earned and used in  the right way.

In fact earning money through Halal way and hard work is a virtue. Beloved Rasool SAW said that
Honest traders will be in the category of messengers, saints and martyrs on day of judgement. Bukhari 
another hadith tells us that spending money earned through Halal way on your family is Sadqaah. however its Haram to make money through methods which are forbidden by our Deen like dealing in Interest, doing dishonesty, lying about the Item that you are selling. using money for wrong purposes like bribery, corruption is also Haram.

It is also Important to give Zakat on the money that you have earned. Zakat Purify your wealth and also ends poverty from the society. along with Zakat you should also try to do as much Sadqah as you can. Rasool Allah SAW used to do massive charity.

It is Important to be moderate in spending the money. you should not be wasting the money on unnecessary things and you should also not be a miser. these are some point which we must keep in mind related to Money, earning and spending.
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