Islamic Questions Answers Related to Marriage

Marriage is a really Important part of human lives and Islam has given us clear guidelines regarding marriage. It guides us about each and every aspect of marriage. Following we are sharing some frequently asked Questions and their answers related to Marriages.

1 Islam permits Love Marriage or not?

If two people like each other then there is nothing better than marriage for them so Islam surely allows Love marriage. however Islam doesn't allow having any kind of relationship before marriage.

2 what is the minimum age required to get married in Islam?

Islam doesn't gives any specific age at which a girl and boy can married. however Puberty is necessary to get married.

3 can parents force their children to marry specific person?

Its haram to force your children to marry someone. Islam allows everybody to choose their life partners freely.

4 What Is the Islamic way of marriage?

Islamic way of getting married is really simple. Girl and boy will have Nikah in Mosque and next day Boy will give walima party to guests. there is no Mehndi, Barat and Engagement In Islam.

5 Is temporary marriage allowed in Islam for specific period?

temporary marriage which is also known as Mutah is forbidden In Islam because Prophet SAW forbidden it.

6 Can girl get married without permission of her Wali?

Its not allowed for a girl to get married without taking permission from her Wali according to hadith of Rasool Allah SAW.

these are some of  the most asked questions regarding marriages. I hope this post will help all the people who are looking for answers.
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