Importance of Mother in Islam Mothers Day Special

Every year the world celebrates the mothers day to pay respect to all the mothers of the World. but I say In Islam everyday is mothers day. Mother is indeed a great blessing and Gift of Allah Swt to everyone. The Love of mother for her kid is without any personal benefit. From Birth to young age mother faces lot of difficulties for her kid. Islam pays huge respect to mother infect the respect Islam gives to mother no other religion or law gives to her. I will be discussing below what rights and respect Islam gives to her.

According to a sahih hadith someone asked Prophet Saw who deserves my kindness most? Prophet Saw said your mother. That man asked after her? Prophet Saw again said your mother. That man asked for the third time after her? Prophet Saw again said your mother. That man asked for the fourth time after her? then Prophet Saw said your Father. According to another Hadith of Prophet Saw Heaven lies below the feet of the mother. Holy Quran teaches to not even say uffff to your mother and respect her and treat her well. Another verse of the Holy Quran says Respect your Mother who given you birth in lot of pain.

There are hundred of Quranic Verses and Sahih Hadiths talking about Respect of mother and teaching us to treat her rightly. on the other hand not obeying your parents in one of the biggest sin in Islam according to Sahih Hadith.

In short in Islam your mother have following rights over you:

You must respect and Love your mother.

You must take care of your her.

Don,t offend your mother.

Spend your money on the needs of her.

When your mother dies do Dua for her.

After her death you must maintain ties with those who where closer to her.

May Allah Swt help us in obeying our mothers and treating them with love.
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