Why You Must Learn The Arabic?

Allah swt has mentioned it on various places in Quran that it is revealed in arabic. What does it mean and how does it has any importance if it is in arabic? These two questions are asked by many muslims as well as non muslims. Before going to the answers, let us see the few verse talking about arabic;

[012:002] Surely, We have revealed this Qur’an in Arabic so that you may understand! 
[013:037] Thus, We have sent down this order in Arabic. After this revelation, if you allow any adjustment for their whims, you will find no rescuers or protectors against Allah. 
[016:103] And surely, We know what they allege! That a man has taught him (Mohammed, SAW)! The language of the one they allude to, however, is not Arabic, while this (Qur’an) is in precise and perfect Arabic. 
[020:113] Thus, We revealed this Qur’an in Arabic. In it We have defined sharply the promises and the threats. Maybe they will fear (Allah), or it  (the Qur’an) will bring back the remembrance (of Allah).
[026:195] It is in a plain and pristine Arabic language.
The word “arabic” is highlighted in all these verses. All of these verses say that Quran is revealed in a language that is easy, yet perfect. How can a language be perfect and easy at the same time? Newton, the world famous physicist said that if you could make some one understand a thing easily, without feeling any complexity, then you have understood it well. Keeping in mind his words, let us see now go to the question once more that, how can a language be easy and perfect at the same time? There are two answers;

1: It has come from Allah swt.

Surely, everything is created by Allah swt. He is the master of all. So, anything and everything which we think as complex and perfect is actually His creation.

2: Everything which is perfect kills the complexity in it by itself with its properties.

Obviously, Allah swt is the master and He is able to do all things, that we can think and cannot think. In the human sense, a perfect and easy thing would be made after its complexity is resolved. Same is the case with Quran. Allah swt has fashioned this language in such a great way that even a single word of it gives as much meaning to the speech as a complete speech.

The experts of the arabic language dug deep into the core of the language and found that, the miracle of Quran is its language. Quran is such a book where even one word explains and speaks a thousand meanings. This is why Allah swt say on many places in Quran that it is in precise, perfect arabic.

The language of Quran, the perfection in it, and the flow and ease with which It came surprised the arabs. This was one of the many reasons they accepted islam and they became jealous.

Prophet Muhammad pbuh said;
“I am given words of great comprehensive meaning, and speech was made concise for me.”
Prophet Muhammad pbuh has the aptitude and knowledge which is above above all of us. And the book he pbuh was given , was of great meaning and full of knowledge. It is because of this quality of quran that all that could be explored till the last day of this world, was packed in 114 surahs of Quran.

The language of Quran is its miracle. It is because of this that every time this book is read, a new information is known. 
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