Rights of Animals in Islam

Every living being has right to live freely. No one can cause harm to no one. Just like we humans have rights and we are very serious and careful about them, animals also have rights. And no one can deprive them of their rights.

Rights of Animals in Islam

Just like us, animals and birds breath and feel emotions. They feel pain and happiness. They feel the change in the environment. And they do not like to be imprisoned. And just like us, animals and birds like love and care. Even though they are not as smart as we are, but they still have a life and they want to lead their life without any hurt or trouble.

Those who like to keep animals and birds as pets, they must ensure that their pets are comfortable. Keeping them hungry or tieing them unnecessarily is very wrong and such a thing is not permissible in islam, in fact, there is a sahih hadith which tells us that a women was sent to hell just because of her un-human treatment to her cat. The hadith is mentioned as follows;

Narrated by Ibn Umar, who said that the Prophet (pbuh) said: “A woman was punished because of a cat which she detained until it died of starvation, because she did not feed it or let it go and eat of the vermin of the earth.” Agreed upon.

Therefore, if one likes to keep animals or birds as pets, he should take good care of them. Feeding them with proper food, and making them drink water as per their requirements and keeping them safe from extreme weathers is important. If they fell ill, the owners are required to take them to animal doctors.

Scholars say that it is permissible to keep dogs to guard the houses and properties as well. But they should not be entered in the houses. As for the bird that are put in cages, scholars differ on this. Some prominent scholars say that it is permissible to keep the birds in cages. As many people keep birds because of their colors and sweet voices. Their sweet melodies and colors sooth and relax people. So it is permissible to keep them but with care. While their other group of scholars say that the birds that are kept in cages do not sing, instead they cry and long for freedom. So it is nor permissible to keep them in cages or lock animals. The other point of view is that keeping birds in cages is a luxury. And Islam does not like luxuries.

Whatever the case may be, animals and birds are living beings. Whether we keep them as pets or they live in wild, we should never intend them any harm. And if we find any person who does such a thing to them, then it is our duty to prevent them from such insane people. Providing them with food and rescuing them is an act of good deed. And all good deeds earn reward. Since animals and birds cannot express their trouble in words, so feeling for them and taking care of them is the act of mercy on our part. And every act of mercy is returned with mercy. 
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