Cloning as described in Quran

Islam is the religion of science, logic and reasoning. No matter how the non muslim world sees it, the the truth is that the amount of information presented in Quran, about past, present and future is immense and perfectly accurate. There has been proven many scientific facts that were actually present in Quran. And many scientific facts were able to be proved only because of the information given in Quran. Before going to the actual topic, first read the verse of Quran given below;

[Satan said: ]“I will lead them astray and fill them with false hopes. I will command them and they will cut off cattle’s ears. I will command them and they will change Allah’s creation.” Anyone who takes satan as his protector in place of Allah has clearly lost everything.” (Surat an-Nisa’, 119)
this noble verse tells us the promise of satan which he made to lead us astray and far from the mercy of Allah. Satan first said that he will fill humans with false hopes. One might think what hopes are false hopes. The answer is, anything that is wrong, that is meant to do wrong and that results in wrong is the falsehood. To hope for such a thing is a false hope. Today, we see that humans want to run away from this world. They want to know what other places are like this world. Now, this is the building of a false hope because we are sent here. This is the place suitable for us and this is the only place we will ever reside freely.

Secondly, satan said that he will command humans to change Allah's creation by cutting the cattle's ear. This is a very strange thing to say. Cutting cattle's ear means nothing. In old times, cutting cattle's ears might have been associated with a pagan ritual. It might be thought as a way of marking animals. But it is the today's constant research, which has told us what actually it meant. For almost a century now, some humans wanted to recreate themselves. Just like we recreate a copy of a document, some people wanted to recreate their own copies. So, after a lot of unsuccessful experiments, the first clon was created. This was dolly, a sheep. And then this thing was extended.

Similarly, there are successful gender changing operations going on in the world every day.

Basically, anything that is made outside the natural cycle, is a wrong and faulty creation. The success of cloning is not the success at all. In fact it is just what satan said. Allah swt let it happen because this is the proof of faulty nature of creations when humans try to do the God's job. Now let us see what are the problems in the clons.

Clons are created by taking the cells from the ears of cattle. There is no other part of body that can produce those cells. Only the cells in the ear can last longer and only they can generate themselves. Thus, the cattle's ears are cut to get those cells. Hence, the cutting of the cattle's ears. Next comes the clon. The flaw that one can never expect the science to correct is the age of the being. When the cells are taken from the ears, their DNA is coded for every information. The age is one such information. Then the diseases and the problems in the different parts of body. In fact, the DNA contains everything about the body of the living being. Now, a living thing created from the cells of the same being cannot be the same. One thing, the newly created being is not one day old, but it is of the same age as its actual being. So, dolly was exactly of the same age as was it's actual.

Secondly, the clon, no matter how carefully created, will never be healthy. It is because of the information in the DNA. This is why, the clons have enlarged organs. And they die earlier. They do not live without troubles.

Thus, the prophecy of Quran about the alteration of creation is right. And if it is coming from satan, we should never doubt about its harmful  nature. Creation is Allah's work. We are all His creations and we should be happy with it.
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