Reciting Quran Daily

Allah swt told us on multiple place in Quran to read and listen to Quran with full attention. Recitation of Quran in the morning is most liked. Quran contains the last and final message from Allah swt. It is the book of knowledge and it is the book which heals the body and soul. Many a times, people with dangerous physical and mental problems were healed just by the recitation and listening of Quran. It is the only book full of wisdom. Every time when this book is read, it brings something new to learn. Allah swt say in Quran;

[007:204]  When the Quran is read, listen to it with attention, and hold your peace: that ye may receive Mercy.
Thus, listening to Quran is not enough, but being patient and learning from it is also important. This book of miracles is to be read daily for the daily doze of wisdom. In a sahih hadith, prophet Muhammad pbuh said that Quran will be our intercessor in hereafter. And when all the other things will leave us, this will leave us in the end when everything else will run its course. Such is the importance and such would be the help this book will give us. Yet, many people do not recite Quran daily. Because they have their excuses.

Some times, people would say, they do not have time. Well, time is not an issue, even a single verse read daily can be enough if one really tries. Because it is the niyah not the act that matters. Then, some people would say that they already recite Quran in their salah. Well, salah has its own obligations. And whatever we recite in salah is for salah. What about our own need of wisdom? Then sometimes people have excuse that they are so sinful that they should not touch Quran. Well, it is satan that would find thousands of excuses to hold people from doing good. These are satanic traps to never try to do good deeds.

Remember, Allah swt is ghafoor and raheem. He likes those who strive in His way. And striving starts from trying. One who does not want to try will never earn Allah's love and forgiveness. Whereas, those who try with pure intentions, their deeds are accepted. Knowledge is the inheritance of humans. It is satan who willingly called off the opportunity to learn more. Satan hates humans and he wants that no human learns and earns the nearness to Allah swt. This is why, satan fills the minds with thousands of doubts.

Here are a few tips to make it a habit to recite and understand Quran daily.

1: It is not an excuse if one does not know how to recite Quran. If you do nto know how to read arabic, please join some arabic course and learn to read and write arabic.

2: If one does not find time , this again is not an excuse. Today, with the advent of smart technology, Quran is available in phones. So, one can keep his copy of Quran with him all the time.

3:  Never leave the recitation of Quran for another time. Instead, keep it on the top of your priority list.

4: Always try to find something that ticks your mind. If you open Quran to explore, Allah swt will show you something new and mind blowing every time. InshaAllah.

These are few steps with which one can not only make it his habit of Quran recitation, but one can also start loving and understanding Quran. 
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