Devil Whispers

Satan whispers in our hearts, evil thoughts. These thoughts make us worry about the unnecessary things unnecessarily. Sometimes, we feel uncomfortable for a certain happening. Some times certain people worry us. Some times when something is not happening, it worries us. Basically, almost everything which is not happening up to our expectations worry us. And this is where satan falls in.

Al-Quran [007:200] When the devil whispers to you any whisper, seek refuge in GOD; He is Hearer, Omniscient.
some times, it so happens that certain things happen one after another. Mostly, if one unfavorable event occurs, it is likely to result in another unfavorable event. Now satan will jump in and start manipulating the mind that such and such thing happened due to bad luck. Similarly, some times, it is said that our prayers are not begin answered because Allah swt is not happy with us. In short, this concept of bad luck or ill luck is attributed to all the unfavorable events. Now let us see if this phenomenon actually exists or not.

There is no concept of bad luck in islam. In fact, the word bad cannot be attributed to luck. Luck, or fate is our life time in this world. It is base don two things. One that is written by Allah swt and one that we make by ourselves. Since, we are given free choice to decide about the life pattern, then we cannot just use the word bad to what we do ourselves. And the other part is written by Allah swt and He cannot write anything bad. But satan makes us see the events of life as if they have happened as they were written before hand. This is why people visit fake scholars and healers and some times they fall into the trap of magicians and tricksters just to rectify the errors in their fate.

Secondly, satan like to create doubts in our hearts and minds about the worship we do. The most common form of these doubts in the doubts we have during namaz. Mostly, we find ourselves thinking about all the problems during namaz. And also, some times, we solves most troubled situations during namaz. Some times, some thing around us capture our attention in namaz and we do loose our concentration. Now, namaz is the worship that needs concentration. We should know what we are reciting in namaz. We should be aware of how we are standing before Allah. But due to these doubts, we do not keep ourselves honest with our salah any more. This is again satan who does not want us to be near to Allah swt.

Sometimes, people are found worried about their iman. They no longer pray and no longer do good because they say they are sinful. This thought makes them go far, instead of going near to Allah swt. Despite of the rule of law that whoever sins and then repents will be forgiven, satan manipulates the hearts by weakening the iman that a sinful soul should not stand before Allah. Thus, dragging the person far far away.

All these evil whispers of satan are nothing but a trick to keep humans away from the remembrance and mercy of Allah swt. Since all the satanic traps are known to Allah swt, and satan has no power over anything, so Allah swt has told us the way out of it in the following verse of Quran;
[023:097] Say, "My Lord, I seek refuge in You from the whispers of the devils.
Satan is the evil, the source of all the evil and the source of all the wrong. We are not created on evil. Our creation is the positive one while the satan is;
[114:005] “The one who (breathes doubts and) whispers in the hearts of mankind.” 
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