Important points for a Happy Muslim Marriage

Marriage is a very important and beautiful part of life and Islam gives great importance to marriage because it has several benefits. Rasool Allah saw said whoever marries completes his half deen. Marriage plays an Important role is keeping us away from sin of Zina. Husband and wife faces every difficulty in life together and cares for each other which makes their life happier and less stressful. It also ends stress in the youth. Although I am unmarried till now and my age is 19 but I would like to share some important points which can make your marriage life more happier.

So here are these Important points:

1 keep your physical appearance good. it will attract your mate very much. we have example of Rasool Allah saw in front of us. He SAW always gave importance to personal hygiene and good grooming.

2 try to become a companion of your life partner. take interest in the interests and hobbies of your partner.

3 give importance to your Islamic community life.

4 if you have done any mistake don,t hesitate to admit it and learn to forgive your partners mistakes. it will increase love between you. strong people never hesitate to say sorry for your mistakes. If you will do it with your spouse he/she will love you even more.

5 you must have a sense of humor because its Important specially women gives great Importance to sense of humor.

6 keep your modesty when you are near the people of opposite gender. otherwise it can effect your relation and bring bad feelings between you and your spouse.

7 Help your wife in household works specially if they also do a Job. Its also a Sunnah of Beloved Rasool Allah SAW to do household works.

8 Give gifts to each other. Prophet Mohammad saw said giving gifts increases love. gifts don't need to be too expensive as well but at least you should give gifts often.

9 Always share your feelings with each other whether they are good or the bad. it will be good for your relation. expressing your heart in front of each other is a good thing.

10 try to live your life within the means you have.

11 not tell your personal problems to anyone and if it is necessary share with that person in whom you have full confidence. husband and wife should never tell their secret things to other people.

12 Care about the mood of your partner. if he/she is angry stay calm.

dear brothers and sisters If you will follow these points inshallah your marriage life will be more happy and easy and you will get the Ajar in this world as well as in the hereafter.
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