Illuminati, the satanic cult

There are many secret societies and cults that exist today. Some of them are linked to few hundred years history while some are quit old. Some of them are merged into different groups. All these secret societies and cults have one thing in common. They all worship no God. They all are the followers of satan and they openly admit it. These cults are shunned and many attempts have been made to wipe them out or ban them. But they exist even today due to the fact that they have been helped by the powerful people across the globe.

One of the most known and notorious cult is Illuminati. This has quite a history. It is said that Illuminati is a mixture of two or three cults. This cult has its roots and strong relations with Judaism. Even though Jews do not like to associate themselves with such a group or cult but still some independent research since a decade or more has proven that Judaism is actually linked with Illuminati. The research has resulted in concrete proofs that Illuminati worships Satan.

This cult has its members from across the globe. The reason for this is that once when a person joins it, it will shower on him all the fame and wealth. And almost every person who is part of Illuminati is a well known and powerful person. The research showed that after J F Kennedy, all the US presidents have been part of Illuminati. The other western countries' top politicians are also the members, queen Elisabeth has been known to be part of this cult. All the most popular Hollywood starts and production companies are also run by Illuminati. Disney, the most favorite of all children and elders is serving Illuminati since its very start. Illuminati has influenced not only Hollywood but many other entertainment industries are also part of Illuminati.

Why is this such a big cult and why cannot it be controlled or stopped is a question that every one wants to know. The answer is simple. Once, the one who trades his loyalty to satan, he cannot leave this group. Once, the person gets into Illuminati, he is showered with so much success and fame that he ends up hungry for more. In past, many people have tried to leave this satanic cult, but almost all of them ended up dead. The most famous Illuminati murder so far is the murder of Princes Diana. It is said that she wanted free of the clutches of the satanism but she could not. Rumors has that she was going to reveal something which was to be kept secret. The US president JF Kennedy was also murdered for opposing secret cults.

How this cult works? This cult is based on satanism. Basically, satan is not their god, he is the one who can fulfil all their needs if they say that there is no God. So, since the very start, illuminati has been trying to erase the concept of God from the world. This is simple, satan had said that he will lead the human race astray, what can be more astray then believing in no God. To achieve this, there is several tricks that have been revealed over the years. First, there are some symbols and signs which are place to mark the things that belong to satan. Secondly, there is a system or a mechanism which is observed to summon demons and satans. The famous jewish kabalah is the magic which is used to do this. No matter how hard Jews deny it, it is the truth that kabalah is nothing but magic, which is intended to summon demons because jews believe that prophet Suleman a.s. Used to rule with the help of devils. This has been made clear in Quran that Jews are liars. Anyway, kabalah is that main system which has rituals and codes. Some sources also claim that human sacrifice and illicit sex is also a part of these satanic rituals. While some go to the extent of drinking human blood. Allahualam. There is averse in Quran that speaks about the worship of jinn as;
[034:041]They will say, “Exalted are You! You are our Patron and not they.” In fact, they used to worship the jinn (i.e. the devil and not Us). Most of them believed (and followed) the jinn. 
The attack of this cult goes by this way. Since, this cult does not believe in existence of any god, so to promote and propagate this theory, they use media. And they have presented life and a one way, once happening phenomenon which is meant to be for fun only. Secondly, the mind manipulation is done through provision of free means to sex and other illicit activities. We all know that any such thing will keep a muslim far far away from the mercy of Allah swt.  Third thing in the wiping of religions. All those religions which has opposed this system are the enemies. And wiping them out is necessary for satanism. There are may and more about Illuminati. But one thing which has been proven is that it is Jewish and it is against God. 
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