Smoking Is Haram and Harmful

Smoking is one of the very common habits that prevail in every society. It is so common that smoking is not even considered drug. Instead, it is think just as a beverage which can be consumed without giving it a second thought. To enhance the experience of smoking, companies have introduced many different tobacco products which give wilder taste and experience. Nonetheless, smoking is just another drug. It is by far, the most commonly used drug which causes the more number of deaths every year compared with other drugs.

People normally smoke because of their circumstances. Youngsters start smoking for fun. Adults smoke cigarettes because of the societal pressures they face and fear. Every smoker will tell you that after smoking, he feels bold and confident. It happens because of the excess amount of nicotine in tobacco. Tobacco contains the amount of nicotine which causes artificial psychological uplift. Smokers find themselves relieved, relaxed and powerful when they smoke. It is all because of the fog that smoking creates upon the brain. This fogginess temporarily covers the feelings. Once this drug is started to use, it then becomes addiction.

While most smokers wont even believe that they are addicted, the truth is, they are most addicted then any other addicted people. Once this addiction takes over them, they cannot quit it easily. Lack of this drug will make them irritable, it will change their blood pressure. It changes the heart beating and pressure. And the presence of this much amount of nicotine causes lung cancer, stomach cancer, heart trouble and other diseases that end at nothing but death. When a drug can cause this much problem, there is no reason that this can be used. Therefore, islam has prohibited the use of tobacco. So smoking is unlawful.

Most people will open quran and try to find out a leave to use tobacco, but Allah swt say in glorious quran;
"O ye who believe! Intoxicants and gambling are an abomination of Satan's handiwork. Eschew such abominations that ye may prosper." Al Ma'idah, 5: 93
Now, the intoxicants in this verse does not only mean alcohol or other drugs. It includes all the drugs that causes the psychological change. In another place, Allah swt say;
"And make not your own hands contribute to your destruction." Surah, Al-Baqara, 2: 195
"Nor kill or destroy yourselves for verily Allah hath been to you most Merciful." Surah, An-Nisa, 4: 29
now, when one smokes, and causes himself extreme level of harm, he is actually putting himself to death. Islam does not allow to take the life in any unjust way. And it is the most unjust thing to take own life for no reason.  There are many ahadith, where prophet Muhammad pbuh clearly forbade intoxication. The following hadith says;

Sahih Muslim, Book 023, Number 4957:
'A'isha reported that Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) was asked about it, whereupon he said that everything that causes intoxication is forbidden.
Thus, smoking is forbidden. It cannot be called makrooh. Its use cannot be justified. On the day of judgement, Allah swt will ask us about our body. It means it is a blessing. We should never waste this blessing in the smoke of tobacco. 
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