Social Benefits of Ramadan

There are so many benefits of the month of blessings and mercy and forgiveness that counting them on finger tips will not be possible.  Apart from its rewards and other benefits, Ramadan gives us a chance to correct our life styles and be practical in approach.

It brings discipline in our lives which otherwise we cannot have and see in our lives. To spend a life with discipline is the most difficult thing. But a muslim can make his life an example for others with respect to discipline. While we wake up at sahar time, we manage to do so because we care for fast. We offer namaz of fajar at proper time to close the fast properly, thus we give ourselves a chance to care for the things that need preference. Thus we learn to give preference to important matters and manage our lives in Ramadan by the rating of preferences.

At aftar, all members of family gather on table to break the fast together. This might not be seen in many families during the common days but only Ramadan has this strange and beautiful bond that gathers the family members on one table again. No fights and talks happen on the table and everybody likes to offer each other the items present to eat. Thus a family system is encouraged by fasting which otherwise is not possible.

People become kind and helping in Ramadan even though they are not like that in their usual lives. They like to care more about each other and avoid any issues or firey talks in offices or at any place of work and even at homes. Females work together in kitchen without having argument and men work outside without any trouble at workplace with co workers. Hence an overall brotherhood can be seen in the month of Ramadan.
The more we talk about Ramadan, the more we learn how beneficial it is for us. let us spend this Ramadan in true spirit and with the only purpose to seek ALLAH’s pleasure and forgiveness.
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