How Muslims Around The Globe Celebrates Ramadan?

The Holy Ramadan a special month for the Muslims to start till end, in the world where ever Muslims are resident are they celebrate the beginning and the end of the holly month be it in one of the Middle East countries, in Indonesia (the country with the world's largest Muslim population), or even in London, Paris or Dearborn, Michigan.

 they will start their end of Ramadan celebrations by going to the mosque for special congregational prayers for giving thanks to Allah SWT for His blessings during the Holy month of Ramadan, now ended. Both men and women may go to the mosque at this time, but the men will say their prayers separately from the women.

Most of the people return to their family home where their parents live where a younger Muslim ask for forgiveness to their parents for misdeeds during the year and Kiss their hands as a sign of respect. The end of Ramadan begin with the day which is called Eid_ul_fitr in Arabic on the day of Eid different meals been prepared which reflect the culture of different people living in different places but they are celebrating the day of Eid  with unity.

For those who are living in some where in western countries it can be fascinating to find the Eid celebration as compared with those who live in countries like Pakistan, India, Afghanistan and Bangladesh.
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