Benefits of Salah Namaz

Among the 5 pillars of islam, namaz is the second. After kalimah, what a muslim must do it namaz. Muslims must offer 5 times namaz in a day. Namaz is not only compulsory prayer but also offers a great deal of reward for us. ALLAH swt has repeatedly ordered us in Quran to offer namaz. The real purpose of offering namaz is to surrender ourselves to ALLAH swt and to feel ourselves close to ALLAH at the main times of the day.

We offer namaz when night ends, it means we worship ALLAH and we pray to Him to make us and our loved ones His true servants. We offer zuhr namaz at times when the high position of sun goes down and we worship ALLAH who is the creator of ALL. We worship ALLAH in asar prayer when the sun finally takes its journey back to the west, and we thank Him. While the sun goes down completely, we offer maghrib and the isha prayer is the prayer of night. So these 5 times in a day have significant meanings in them.

ALLAH swt says in Quran 29:45
“And be steadfast in the prayer because it stops lewdness and evil.”
Namaz is the best way to keep away from sins and vulgarity. Since we offer naamz 5 times a day, we are given breaks in every namaz, and to offer the next namaz we cannot go near falsehood and vulgarity, if we do so, our namaz will be lost.

Similarly, at another place ALLAH swt says 11:114
And attend with diligence to your prayers at both ends of the day and in a portion of the night too. No doubt, good deeds make amends for sins. That is an admonition for thoughtful men.

So namaz is also a way to remove sins. What could be the best if not five chances a day to avoid sins and to remove them from our profile?

Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.w also appreciated namaz in very beautiful words in the hadith quoted below;
Muslim Book 001, Number 0147:

It is narrated on the authority of Abu Zubair that he heard Jabir b. 'Abdullah saying. I heard the Messenger of Allah (may peace and blessings be upon him) observing this: Between man and polytheism and unbelief is the abandonment of salat.

There are many scientific benefits of namaz as well. Namaz is a complete exercise of body and soul. How it affects soul? When we offer namaz with complete attention, our body as well as our soul is connected to ALLAH swt. In this way al our tensions and worries go away from us. This is world’s best relaxing exercise. The physical benefits include all the muscles of the body work when we offer namaz.

From standing to prostrating each and every cell of the body moves in the way it should move in order to remain healthy. Therefore, namaz is not only a worship act, but also an act to make us sin free every day and make us physically fit and healthy. All we need to do is to offer namaz with attention and with love.
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