Ramadan Is Not Just Eating and Sleeping

The blessings of Ramadan are many folds the goodness of this month cannot be measured with any scale because this is the month of ALLAH swt. These 29/30 days are so much that we can make lifetime in these days if we worship and invoke ALLAH sincerely. Ramadan’s blessings and ahadith and verses are quoted and known to almost everyone around us, but the true spirit of Ramadan is ruined by the new trends set by people.

Just look around you and observe how people spend Ramadan, they know there will be no satan and they will be save from sins but then they also do nto care to do any good deeds if they avoid bad deeds. Ramadan should not be observed only in words, but it should be given importance in real. Eating as much as one can in the sahar and then to eat as much as one can in the aftar is not fasting. Neither all day sleep will serve any purpose or will do any good.

To eat in sahar and then to sleep without offering namaz or reciting Quran means nothing. And to eat in aftar and miss the prayer of maghrib. Often people get so tired from eating that they again sleep and miss even their isha. They seldom offer taraweeh. Is Ramadan name of eating and fulfilling our craze of having different verity of dishes on table?

No, Ramadan does not mean to spend money on eatables; it means to earn this one month in real, in spirit. But no one cares to earn the month rather they like to earn the maximum taste.

Why does one sleeps all the day while fasting? Fasting means to feel the hunger so that we can feel the pain fo those who do not have enough to eat, fasting means to surrender our will to ALLAH swt by feeling the importance of rizq that we are given thrice a day or more than that, fasting means to understand that how our beloved Prophet s.a.ww. and his companions fought without having anything to eat, but a sleeping man cannot understand and feel all this.

A sleeping man will certainly pass the time but his purpose of fasting will be lost, and he will never be able to understand the reason of fasting, the purpose of fasting and the peace which soul feels during fast.
Let us be more concerned with finding our purpose of living by fasting in real spirit rather than passing time. Let us make ourselves muslims, the real muslims this Ramadan by worshiping and by feeling the fast and realizing how many blessings we receive every day.
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