Do Not Make Fun of Sunnah Followers

Allah SWT says in Holy Quran.

If you were to ask them, they would surely say, “We were just joking and having fun.” Say, “Are you having fun (and cutting jokes) about Allah, His verses and His messenger?” Make no excuses, now. You have denied the truth, after first having professed belief. We may pardon some of you, but We would certainly punish others amongst you because they are really.

The above verses of Quran are a warning to those who make fun of those who follow islam in its true spirit. Even if we follow one sunnah and listen to single order of ALLAH and do exactly what we are told to do, we will be rewarded. So, if you find someone who is doing an Islamic act you must encourage him not discourage him. By discouraging you will not only make a person leave the right track but also deprive the society of one good person. Such a person will earn triple sin, one for his making fun, one for his discouraging a muslim brother/sister and one for his not following a good even he/she saw it happening.

 today those muslims are criticized the most who try to follow the orders of ALLAH and HIS Messenger s.a.w.w. men who keep beard are called Taliban or terrorists, women who wear hijab are called illiterate and backward. Those who like to keep simple are called fool or backward. Those who talk with manners are called proud and all. So those who follow good acts are named after the good acts they do, but in a way to make fun of them.

This is a sin, why to make fun of those who want to be good muslims. Why to discourage them. What is fashion? Does it have any basis in islam? Were we told to look vulgar in the name of fashion or talk rubbish to show style or attitude? Certainly not, we are told to be good and decent but unfortunately, not many are found good in muslim societies. These societies are in fact the most fashion struck because many of us want to look up to date instead of looking good Muslims.

We should take care of our attitude because it needs revision and renovation.
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