Health Benefits of Fasting

The month of blessings and forgiveness, Ramadan does not only bring with it a chance for us to refrain from evils and to do as much good deeds as we can but also  improve our health which we do not care about at all in the 11 months in which we do not fast. One might find it surprising to link fasting with health but it is medical science that proves the significance of fasting. It is the best exercise for our stomach and a complete overhauling of our digestive system.

Apart from it medical benefits, it is also a beneficial exercise to be psychologically fit. Fasting brings that peace of mind, which otherwise cannot be found in any other practice.

Since our stomach learns to rest, it activates its muscles fast and this practice makes the weight management easy. Neither drinking nor eating, gives stomach and overall digestive system plenty of time to retune its function and health in very short period of time without experiencing any mineral or nutrition loss. It is sunnah to have khajoor as a first thing to eat while breaking fast. Dates (khajoor) are the natural packed hemoglobin which cannot be found in any other fruit. The date when reaches empty stomach gives it strength by dissolving fast. After date reaches stomach it makes empty stomach able to digest the food that comes after it. So, there is a huge medical benefit is observing fast and then by adhering to sunnah. It is also permissible to have a pinch of salt or water if dates are not available. They serve more or less the same purpose i.e. to strengthen the stomach.

The other benefit is for those people who like to manage their weight and keep it on proper track. Observing fast makes it easy, since a person does not have to be empty all the day and he can eat twice a day in a continuous time frame i.e. from aftar to sahar, and then keeping away from food from sahar to aftar, this makes stomach lose fast without storing them because we know that we will eat at aftar. So this psychological affects helps weight management.

Psychological benefits include the peace of mind and a sense of relief. a feeling that satan cannot be near us  gives us relief from the tension that we can be mislead by satan. The prayers and special worship indulgence can make a person get rid from his daily life affairs for some times hence our brain gets plenty of time to relax. A relaxed brain always thinks positive and leaves positive impact on nature.

Once asked for forgivness gives huge relief. Realization of mistakes and surrendering to the creator makes a person more humble and kind. Thus a very positive impact is seen in the very nature of a person. It is a common notion that nature cannot be changed, but the believers say that nature is the first thing that can be changed by believing.

The health benefits can be enjoyed only when we do not eat too much and we do not care to spend Ramadan in its true spirit.
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