You Should Smell Good Its a Islamic Sunnah

In the past i discussed about the Importance of keeping yourself Clean and how much Important it is in Islam but today i am going to discuss a very Similar topic that is You Should Smell Good because its a Islamic Sunnah.Using fragrance is Sunnah of our Beloved Prophet Saw and there are several Hadiths about it as well. in One Hadith Rasool Allah Saw said Women fragrance have been made dear to my affections but prayer was made the sweetness of my eyes. Our Beloved Prophet Saw always used fragrance and whatever our Prophet Saw did following it  is always useful for the Mankind and a virtue.

As i said above every Sunnah of Prophet saw is useful so Using Fragrance also have several benefits. It effects your mood dimensions like stimulation, happiness and relaxation. Fragrance even reduces your stress which reduces muscle tension, blood pressure and heart rate. You can use any type of Fragrance that you like. according to one Hadith Rasool Allah Saw specially said to use Fragrance on Friday after taking bath while going to Jumah Prayer.

you can use any Attar or Perfume that you like. a question that is often asked is that can we use Perfumes having fragrance? on this issue different scholars have different opinion. According to some scholars you can use Perfumes while according to others you cannot. The bottom line is that you must use Fragrance because its good for you and people around you will also like it. May Allah Swt help everyone in following Sunnah of using Fragrance of our beloved Prophet Saw.
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