Islamic Criminal Punishments

Islamic Criminal Punishments that are actually blessings for Humanity are tried to shown as brutality on humanity specially International Media plays a major role in doing Fake propaganda against Islamic Criminal Punishments. The main thing that is needed to remember is that the Fear of punishment is more important than Punishment itself and when you will impose strict punishments you will see the immediate result as decrease in rate of Crimes.

Today the countries where the rate of crimes is lowest are those where Islamic Criminal Punishments are imposed such as Saudi Arabia. The Countries like US where punishments are not strict are in those countries where rate of murders, rapes and other crimes is very high. According to US department of Justice report after every 20 seconds one women is raped in US. Some People targets Islam by saying Islam is very Barbaric religion it gives Capital punishment to Rapist. My question to such people is if your mother or sister is raped by a man what punishment you will give to him if you are made judge?

The reply of over 90% people was we will kill him. Then why double standards if your mother or sister is raped you will kill him but if someone else mother or sister is raped by a person, giving him capital punishment is wrong. Same Way if you will end Capital punishment for a killer rate of murders will increase. Impose the Islamic Punishment laws anywhere in the world and you will see the immediate result as massive decease in rate of crimes. May Allah Swt help everyone is following the Laws given by Islam.
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