Importance of Marriage in Islam and some recent Scandals

Last month this news came in Media that large number of Bishops of Christian Churches are involved in abuse  Scandal after which Pope Benedict apologized on it. The same way several cases of Hindu Sawami's  came out of having wrong relations with women. This is not happening for the first time but in the past as well such news keep on coming. The reason such cases takes place again and again is that in other Religions except Islam if you want to be religious you cannot marry and will have to leave to world and Join Rabbaniyat.

So when Bishops and Sawami's don,t do marriages such cases takes place because having relation with women is Man's requirement and when he cannot do it by Marriage he goes towards wrong ways. Islam is the only religion of the world in which It is  necessary to marry if it is possible for you financially. In other religions if you want to be religious you cannot marry but in Islam if you want to be religious it is necessary for you to get marry. Prophet Muhammad Saw said Nikkah is my Sunnah and whoever turned away from this Sunnah is not from us. there are several Ayats and Hadiths about Marriage in Islam.

obligation of Marriage in Islam proves that Islam is Natural way of life which guides us in Living our lifes correctly. May Allah Swt help everyone in doing Nikkah according to Islamic guidelines.
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