Recent Developments against Islamic Hijab

From Last few years Islam and things related to Islam are under target of some Westerners who calls themselves  bright minded and secular. They Targets Allah Swt, Prophet Muhammad Saw, Beard and everything related to Islam.

They don,t lose any chance to make fun of Islam and hurt the feelings of every Fourth Person of the world that is a Muslim. Recently the attack is on Islamic Hijab of Women. Sometimes Muslim women are not allowed to play in Hijab in International Games, sometimes they are suspended from Schools for wearing Hijab, sometimes they are even killed for Wearing Hijab.

I would like to discuss what has happened in just last month against Islamic Hijab. Iranian Women Football team was banned from playing in Olympics for wearing Hijab, Several Girls where suspended from Schools for wearing Hijab, France is planning to ban Islamic Burqa by bringing a bill in Parliament.  After France Belgium has also decided to take this step where only 400 women wear Islamic Burqa.

By doing such acts they are showing their hatred for Islam and Muslims and wants to naked Muslim women like their own Women goes everywhere naked. But these so called bright minded and secular must keep in mind that by doing such dirty acts they cannot end a Pure thing like Hijab. Hijab of Women is not a oppression against her. Muslim women wears it by her own choice to stop exposing their body to men. May Allah Swt send his blessings on those Women who wears Hijab.
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