Is Using Internet Haram or Halal from Islamic Point of view?

Internet is considered one of the biggest invention of last few decades which has effected the mankind very much. Its use is increasing day by day and thousands of people are joining the Internet world daily. I have seen Many People who thinks that it is Haram to Use Internet from Islamic Point of view because it is creating many social problems and sins.

There is no doubt that Internet does creating many social problems and sin specially in youngsters who spends their nights online in useless things like in chatting with opposite Genders or watching bad things. According to some reports Internet has also increased rate of divorce.

But the point is that due to all these things you cannot declare the whole Internet Haram. Internet is also containing many Islamic and useful things. You can Read Quran, Listen Nasheeds, listen Islamic lectures, Talk about Islam with other people and can do several positive things on Internet.  You can even earn Money by Halal ways on Internet. So how Using Internet for Positive things can be Haram?

The Main thing is how you use Internet? If you use it correctly It is Halal and if you use it for wrong things it is Haram. Parents needs to keep an eye on their Children that what they are doing online?  Try to keep Computer in your room so that you can see what your Children are doing on Internet? Also try to block Un-islamic sites from Internet Settings. If we use Internet for good purposes it is a blessing for us but if the same Internet is used for wrong things it can create lot of problems. May Allah Swt help everyone in making correct use of Internet.
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