Smiling is the Sunnah of Prophet Saw

Every Sunnah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad Saw is beautiful and today I will be discussing about another Beautiful Sunnah of our Prophet Saw that is Smiling. if you smile you are doing a Virtue and following Sunnah of Prophet Saw. Prophet Muhamad Saw,s face was always full of smile and he used to talk very politely with others. Prophet Muhammad Saw said in an Hadith that “Your smile for your brother is charity.” Smiling is not only a Virtue and Sunnah but it has also many good effects on our Health and life. Following are some of the Benefits of Smiling.

1 Smile always changes your mood. If you are not in a good mood by smiling your mood will change.
2 Smiling will make you attractive. People are always attracted to a person who smiles more.
3 Another Benefit of Smile is that it reduces your stress. When you are feeling tired and stressful by smiling your stress will reduce.
4 Smiling also have good effect on Immune System of a person. Smiles helps Immune System to work better. The reason behind it is because you feel relaxed when you smile.

There is a large List of benefits of Smiling so always keep smiling. Many people mostly remains angry which effects not only their own health and life but other also don,t like such people. There are several Hadiths of Prophet Saw advising us to control our anger and meeting others with a Cheerful face. The real brave person is that you controls his anger and learns to smile. May Allah Swt help us in following the Beautiful Sunnah of our Prophet Saw of Smiling.
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