Doing Nikah in the Masjid Is Sunnah

Doing Nikah Marriage is the Sunnah of Our Beloved Prophet Muhammad Saw and it is a beautiful part of our life.  According to Hadith of Prophet Saw a person who don,t Nikah without any reason (such as not enough money for Nikah and taking care of wife) is not from us.

But today my topic is not doing Nikah but how to do Nikah. It is the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad Saw to do Nikah in the Masjid. These days very few marriages takes place in Masjid and most of the Nikahs has started taking place in Hotels and Wedding Halls.

Specially in our Part of World Pakistan and India this Sunnah is forgotten very much and most of Nikahs are taking place in Hotels and Wedding Halls. But Alhamdulilah still there are some countries where most of Muslim marriages takes place in Masjid. I am not saying that doing Nikah in Hotels or Wedding Halls is wrong but why not to follow the Sunnah way of our Prophet Saw? In Islam concept of Nikah is very simple but today some People has made it very complicated.

These days Marriage is not done without spending millions of Rs which creates problems for poor people.  In the matter of Nikah we Muslims needs to Learn from Christians who still do their marriages in Churches although they don,t follow other things told by Jesus Christ Pbuh. May Allah Swt help us in following Sunnah of out Beloved Prophet Saw in our Nikahs.
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