5 Most Powerful Muslim Countries

There are more than 57 Muslim countries in the whole world but Today I will be discussing about the 5 most Powerful Muslim countries. The basic Problem most of these countries is that they are having Bad and Corrupt Governments that works for Interest of foreign forces like America instead of Working for benefits of Muslims. Lets discuss about 5 Most Powerful Muslim countries.

1 Pakistan: Pakistan is the most Powerful Muslim country in the whole world. It is the only Muslim Nuclear power and having a Large army of 7 Lakh. Its total population is 180 Million. The basic problem of Pakistan is bad leadership. Always bad Government are imposed on Pakistan that works against the national interest of Pakistan. Pakistan also have many enemies that have always tried to Destabilize it like India, US and Israel.

2 Turkey: Turkey is the second most Powerful Muslim country of the world. Its also have a large army with weapon of latest technology. Turkey is half in Asia and half in Europe. Its total population is 73,914,260.

3 Iran: Iran is the third most Powerful Muslim country. Iran has Shia Majority and its Government is Islamic. Iran is also trying to make Nuclear weapons but not yet succeeded In it . Iran has big wealth of Oil. Its total population is 71,956,322.

4 Saudi Arabia: Saudi Arabia is the Fourth most Powerful Muslim country in the world. Most important religious places for Muslims Makkah and Madina are in Saudi Arabia due to which it has great importance in Muslim world. Saudi Arabia also have big wealth of Oil which it exports to other countries. Royal system of Government exists in Saudi Arabia. Its Government is also pro American. Saudi Arabia has also raised some Military power in last few decades with help of Pakistan and other countries. Its Population is 24,645,686.

5 Malaysia:  Malaysia is fifth most powerful Muslim country in the world. Malaysia has done massive progress in last few years and it is considered one of the most developed countries in the world. It don,t have any enemy due to which its not built much Military power. Its population is 26,992,577.

These are five most powerful Muslim countries. Lets pray that May Allah Swt give Hidaya to their Governments and they start working for benefits of Muslim Umah instead of for enemies of Muslims.
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