Removing Differences Among the Muslims

We Muslims have been divided into sects and sub-sects but  Islam does not encourage us to create sects. But how ever this evil thing has come into our Umah and the only way to remove this sectarianism is to ponder over quran and read it with understanding.

InshAllah I will keep this Post for removing differences among the different sects or you may say.. among muslims which often brings sectarian debates in forums online. Firstly, I would quote ayah of quran which clearly ask us (muslims) to abstain from creating different sects. Allah says, (6:159) Surely you have nothing to do with those who have made divisions in their religion and become factions. Their matter is with Allah and He will indeed tell them what they have been doing. NOW I WOULD LIKE TO PRESENT AYAT FROM QUR'AN SURA AL-KAHAF WHICH EXPLAINS TO US MUSLIMS ABOUT HOW TO REMOVE THE DIFFERENCES AMONG US AND BEAUTIFULLY EXPLAINS WHAT ACTUALLY WE MUST HAVE FOLLOWED INSTEAD OF DIFFERING AMONG OURSELVES ABOUT FEW LITTLE THINGS. AND TO PONDER OVER WHAT ALLAH IS ACTUALLY GIVING WISDOM FROM SO AND SO STORY OR ACT OF WORSHIP OR ANY THING YOU MAY TAKE THAT AS:-

(18:22) Some will say concerning them: "They were three and their dog, the fourth"; and some will say: "They were five, and their dog, the sixth" all this being merely guesswork; and still others will say: "They were seven, and their dog, the eighth." Say: "My Lord knows their number best. Only a few know their correct number. So do not dispute concerning their number, but stick to what is evident, and do not question anyone about them." Surah Kahaf states the story of people of the cave who were in their full youth and were on the "TAWHEED" they preached about tawheed among their pple but were humiliated and oppressed them. Allah s.w.t explains the story to Muhammad pbuh to tell this to the Christians who also believed in this story. BUT the CHRISTIANS what did they do was... they forgot THE MAIN TEACHINGS FROM THIS STORY AND ARGUED AMONG THEM SELVES ABOUT THE NUMBER OF PEOPLE OF THE CAVE!

So in the AYAH 22 of Sura Kahaf Allah says, So do not dispute concerning their number, but stick to what is evident, and do not question anyone about them."  To make every body understand that their number is known to Allah s.w.t why they are differing in numbers rather than taking lesson from the sory of as-haab-e-kahaf ? Same is the situation of ours.. we are now fighting over little things... i don,t have to say about it over here.. everyone knows that. We are not sticking to the core subject of what is explained in the qur'an and ahadith but fighting over those ahadith and ayaat. Just think about it. May Allah Swt help Muslims to leave sectarianism.
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