Islamic Point of View on Shoaib Sania Marriage issue

From almost a week this news is the Top Story in almost all the Newspapers and TV Channels in India and Pakistan that Pakistani Cricketer Shoaib Malik is going to get married with Indian Tennis Start Sania Mirza but the problem is that another women from Hyderabad Ayesha Sidiqqi is claiming that she is also wife of Shoaib Malik and Shoaib did Nikkah with her in 2002 on Telephone. I listened Point of view of some Islamic Scholars on this issue which i am going to share.

Islamic Muftis and Scholar has clearly  said that Nikkah don,t takes place on Phone because on Phone you don,t know who is person on other side and Voice can also be changed on Phone. In Islam Nikkah takes place face to face in presence of eyewitnesses.

So the conclusion is that Nikkah of Shoaib Malik and Ayesha Siddiqi has not taken place. Mufti Azam Hyderabad Deccan that is city of Ayesha Sidiqqi has also the same opinion. Now i come to another matter that is even if a man has done one marriage he is allowed to do second marriage without taking permission from first wife. The condition for doing more than one marriage told in Quran is doing Justice between wives. So islamically Nikkah of Shoaib Malik has not taken place with Ayesha Sidiqqi and he is allowed to do marriage with Sania Mirza.
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