Islamic Scholar Dr Israr Ahmed Passed Away

Dr Israr Ahmed who was a  famous Muslim Scholar and Thinker is passed away today morning at 4 AM in Lahore Model Town. According to Media news he is died due to Heart Disease and his age was 78. He was born in 1932.  Dr Israr Ahmed was very famous in Subcontinent India and Pakistan. He given thousands of Public Talks on Islam and regularly appeared on different TV Channels like Peace Tv, Q Tv, Ary TV.

As a youngster he took part in Movement of making of Pakistan. Later on he become Nazim of Islami Jamiat Talba and after that joined Jamat Islami. He left Jamat Islami after sometime when Jamat decided to came into politics because according to him Politics was against Islam then how you can bring Islam with Politics. Later on he made his own organization Tanzeem Islami whose purpose was to bring Islamic Khilafat in Pakistan. Dr Israr Ahmed was very much impressed by Personality of Allam Muhammad Iqbal and given many lectures on him. 

Some famous lectures of Dr Israr Ahmed where Iqbal Jinnah and Pakistan, Khatam Nabuwat Saw, Iqsam Shirk and many others. He worked all his life to make Pakistan a country where principles given by Quran and Sunnah will be followed. Although he is not with us anymore but the journey he started will continue. His Funeral will be done today evening at 4 PM In Model Town. May Allah Swt forgive his sin and give him Paradise Ameen.
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