Muslim Cricketers that are Closer to Islam

Cricket is one of the most famous Sports of the world but it is not as famous as the Soccer but in Pakistan and India it is most loved and famous Sports.  Mostly the Muslims Celebrities are not closer to Islam. They don,t offer Salaah and keeps themselves involved in Haram activities. But Alhamdulilah there are large number of Cricketers that are closer to Islam, having Islamic Beards and offers five times Prayers. I am going to discuss about some of such Great Cricketers.

Hashim Amla: Hashim Amla is an South African Muslim Cricketer. He is having Islamic Beard and offers five times Salaah. His parents are basically Indians but they where shifted to South Africa where Hashim Amla was born. These days Hashim Amla is performing very well for South African team and playing as a opening batsman.

Muhammad Yousaf: Muhammad Yousaf is a Pakistani Cricketer. He was Christian until 2004 but later on accepted Islam and become Muhammad Yousaf from Yousaf Youhana. He also remained Pakisan Cricket team Captain and in 2007 he was declared Test Player of the year. Muhammad Yousaf is very closer to Islam and offers five times Salaah. He also joins many Islamic programs of Dawah. These days he is out of Pakistani team due to some conflicts with Pakistan Cricket Board.

Inzamam ul Haq: Inzamam ul Haq is a Pakistan Cricketer and he remained Captain of Pakistani team for several years. He played a major role in bringing Islamic environment in Pakistani team during his captaincy. When he was captain whole team used to offer Five times Salaah together. He also stopped young cricketers from being involved in wrong activities. He retired from International Cricket in 2007.

Shahid Khan Afridi: Shahid Khan Afridi is one of the most popular Pakistani Cricketer and also known as Boom Boom because he plays very fast. Father of Shahid Afridi Is a Imam Masjid in Karachi. When Afridi joined the team he was not closer to Islam but under captaincy of Inzamam ul haq he was changed completely and started offering Salaah and stopped Haram activities.

Irfan Pathan: Irfan Pathan is a Indian Muslim Cricketer. However he don’t, have a beared but he is very close to Islam. His Father was Imam Masjid who used to took him to Mosque from his childhood. Irfan Pathan is a Fast bowler but these days he is out of India team due to poor performance.

Saeed Anwar: Saeed Anwar was a Pakistani Cricketer and played Cricket for Pakistan for several years as a opening batsman. He came closer to Islam after the death of her Daughter in a accident. After the Death of her Daughter his life changed and he started offering Salaah and changed himself completely to a Islamic person. No one was able to break his record for 12 years of highest score in a One Day match that he made against India.

There are many other Muslim Cricketers who are closer to Islam and follows Quran and Sunnah. May Allah Swt give Hidaya to all Muslim Celebrities to follow Islam.
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