Why there are different ways of offering Salaah Namaz

Today again i am going to share a discussion between Muslims on topic of why there are different ways of offering Salaah Namaz?
Naveed Aslam
As Salaamu Alaikum to all, I have a confusion that, We are Muslim and we believe that everything in Islam is Guided and Inspired by Allah Subhana wa Taala, whether it is eating habits, behavior habits and all essential deeds and tasks, also all religious deeds. So I want to know that if everything is inspired by Allah then why are there different ways of offering Namaaz ? Did it mean that Allah(s.w.t.) first described a way of offering Namaaz then later Allah changed that way and defined other way then later on changed again and defined another ?? whats the truth ? Because we can see very well that there are different ways of offering Namaaz defined by different imams, Hanafi way if different, shaifi way is different, hanbali way is different, maliki way is different, so confusion is that why these ways are different ? If Allah(s.w.t.) is one, Rasool(s.a.w.) is one, Book(Quran) is one then why the ways of Offering Namaaz is different ? It should also me one.
Javed Ahmed
brother there is unique way to offer salaah which is shown by our imam muhammad(s.a.w) but later scholars due to problem of hadith literature availability they hav differed
but very less but their aqedah was we shud follow quran and saheeh hadith but today mny of the maslaks r following weak hadith 2 support their maslak.
Salman Ali
Prophet(pbuh) said: "Pray as you have seen me praying (Bukhari Volume 1, Book 11, Number 604,Narrated by Malik). We respect all imams but we don't have to follow their fatwa when their views go contradictory to the teachings of our prophet(pbuh) coz of following verse: "Follow (O men!) the revelation given to you from your Lord, and follow not, as friends and protectors, other than Him. Little is it you remember of admonition."
I would now like to focus on some aspects of school of thoughts(hanafis, shafai, hanbalis, maliki). Most of the people from south asia belong to hanafi school of thought and therefore they are unable to decide whether they should blindly stick to their school of thought or follow the teachings of prophet(pbuh) even if it goes against the opinion of their school of thought, b'coz we know that our prophet didn't belong to any school of thought, neither did the 4 khalifas nor the sahabas, tabaein and taba tabein, infact you will be surprised to know that neither did any of the 4 imam claimed themselves to be of any school of thought rather they themselves have said that we should follow teachings of prophet(pbuh) and whenever prophets teaching contradicts to the opinion(fatwa) of any of the imam, the opinion of the imam should be rejected and
we should follow our prophet.
I hope that you liked the Discussion May Allah Swt help us all in offering Salaah Namaz according to Sunnah of Prophet Saw.
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