Islamic point of view about April Fool

As the month of March is about to end and month of April is coming up. on the first date of April 1st April the day of April fool is celebrated on which people lie and mock by calling it as Entertainment. From small to big all type of lies are spoken on this day which many times results into great harms.

I remember the death of a Mother because she was lied about the death of her son on April fool. It can cause many types of harms and is indeed a dishonest tradition. From Islamic Point of View celebrating April Fool is completely Haram because Islam don,t allow such dishonest traditions that are based on lies and Mocking and cause big harms most of the times.

Rasool Allah Saw said Speak good or keep silent. (Sahih Bukhari) According to another Hadith of Rasool Allah Saw Lying is a characteristic of Munafiq. There are several Hadiths of Prophet Muhammad Saw against lying and its harms. thing of sorrow is that today this dishonest tradition of April fool is common in our society even many of my friends lies with me on 1st April every year.

I remember last year our teacher lied to us that our Examination date is changed and Exams will take place 1 month sooner which shocked the whole class and then our Teacher said April fool. According to some people the origin of April fool is also Anti Islamic but the more important thing is that April fool is totally against Islamic guidelines. Islamic Festivals are Eid ul Adha and Eid ul Fitar that are mentioned in Quran and Hadith so we must celebrate our Festivals and remain away from such dishonest traditions of April fool that are against Islam as well as harmful for humanity. May Allah Swt help us all in keeping ourselves away from such non-islamic things.
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