Mother Rights In Islam

Today i will be discussing the Rights of Mother In Islam. Islam gives great importance to rights of mother. infect its my challenge that no other religion or law gives so much rights to Mother. Lets find out the rights of Mother in Islam and compare them with other religions. Allah Swt says in Holy Quran respect your mother who kept you in her belly and then given you birth in pain.

Allah Swt says in another verse of Holy Quran treat your parents with Love and don,t even say Ufff to them. Prophet Muhammd Saw said Heaven lies below the feets of your mother. According to Hadith of Sahih Bukhari a Sahabi asked from Prophet Muhammad Saw who deserves the most of my good treatment? Prophet said your Mother, that Sahabi asked after that? Prophet again said your Mother. That Sahabi asked for third time after that? Prophet said your mother, that Sahabi asked for fourth time after that? Propet said your father. these Hadiths shows that Mother deserves the right of good treatment the most.

One of the biggest Sin (Gunah Kabeera) in Islam is disobeying your parents. There are Hundred of Quranic Verses and Hadiths of Prophet Muhammad saw about the rights of mother and advising to obey her. If we read the Holy Scripture of Christians Bible it says the Pregnancy of women is a curse on her that she gives birth to a child in pain due to sin of Prophet Adam's wife Hawa. But Holy Quran says Respect your Mother who given you birth in extreme pain.

So we can see according to bible pregnancy is a curse on women while according to Quran pregnancy even more increases respect of women. Quran also not considers only Hawa responsible for sin but Adam and Hawa both of them where equally responsible and God forgiven them both. There is also no concept of old age home In Islam but Holy Quran says look after your parents when they grow old and don,t even say ufff to them. In West lots of old age home exists where parents are send in old age while In Muslim countries the concept of old age homes don,t exists. Holy Quran even even admires the Mother of Prophet Jesus PBUH by calling her most pious women. above Quranic verses and Hadiths of Prophet Muhammad saw clears the rights of mother In Islam so we must obey our mothers and treat them with love. May Allah Swt help us all in obeying our mothers and treating them with love.
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