Double Standards of Media & US about Muslims

Watching the Double standards of Media and Governments of US & Western Countries about the Muslim world really hurts me. I will start from a recent Statement of Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan who has said that Why World not do same Demand from Israel as it is doing from Iran. He said US and West is demanding end of Iranian Nuclear Program but everyone knows Israel also has Nuclear Weapons why they not ends Israeli Nuclear program? and why these Countries themselves are having Atom Bombs? This is one of the most recent example of World's Double standards about the Muslims.

We see that Every week how many Muslims are killed in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kashmir, Bosina, Palestine and Chechnya by US, Israel, India and Russian forces but it is not called terrorism. All of these occupied lands are Muslims lands which are occupied by foreign forces but it is not called terrorism.

US soldiers attacked a Marriage Ceremony in Afghanistan three months back killing all the people present in Ceremony but this is not called terrorism. Every week how many Palestinian kids are killed by Israel it is not called terrorism nor UN takes any action on it except giving just statements. 93700 Kashmiri people are killed in Kashmir in last 20 years by Indian army this is not called terrorism. But when Muslims tries to defend themselves and tries to get freedom for their lands they become terrorists? why these Double Standards? when a christian nun wears cloth like Hijab she is modest but when a Muslim women wears Hijab its oppression on Women? why double standards? How many Example you need of Double standards against Muslims by Media and Governments of US and Western Countries. May Allah Swt show right path to those people who keep double standards against Muslims.
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