Another Proof of Islam & Quran truthfulness

Holy Quran is an amazing Book and miracle of Miracles. There are hundreds of ways that shows truthfulness of Islam and Quran Like Scientific Facts in Quran, Prophet Muhammand Saw presence in Holy Scriptures of other books, Quran only Holy Book free of Errors, Islamic beliefs are not confusing like of other religions. But today i will be writing about just one Verse of Holy Quran that is enough to prove the truthfulness of Islam and Holy Quran.

Allah Swt says in the Holy Quran about the Protection of Holy Quran "We have sent down this book of Reminder, and We will protect it." in this Verse Allah Swt is promising to protect the Holy Quran and today after 1430 Holy Quran is available in its real shape no one is able to change a single word of it. today all the top scholars agree that if any Religious Scripture is available in its real shape without any changing that is Holy Quran and even Scientifically this point can be proven because if you will read the books of other religion like Bible or Veda you will find such things in them that you will have to agree that they are changed.

For Example Bible says different Prophets of God done Sex with their daughters Naozbillah. Also Books of different religions are having different Versions but the Holy Quran has only one version. Every Sect of Muslims have the same Quran without change of a single word.

you can find Muslims of different sects having different books of Hadiths or calling books written by their Scholars many years ago corrupted but you will not find this dispute in Muslims that even a single word of Quran is changed. if we see in Christianity different sects having different Bibles same is in other religions except Islam. Even if All copies of Quran available in the whole world are ended today there are Millions of Hafiz Quran who knows complete Quran by Heart and with help of them you can write Complete Holy Quran again. My Neighbours Child is Ten years old and he knows complete Holy Quran by heart. the reason Holy Quran is saved even after 1430 years is the Promise of Allah Swt of doing its protection. And this single point is enough to prove truthfulness of Islam and Holy Quran. May Allah Swt help us all in understanding the Holy Quran correctly and implementing in our lives.
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