Islam the complete way of life

Islam is not just a religion containing few things about worshiping the God but it is the complete way of life. Islam guides us in each and every matter of daily life. if we see other religions like Christianity, Hinduism or Buddhism these religions just contains few worships and nothing else but if we read Holy Quran and Hadiths of our beloved Prophet Muhammad Saw we get complete guidelines about living our life. Islam is the religion which even tells you small matters of your daily life like  how to sleep, how to eat or how take bath. Now some people will argue with me that these matters which Islam tells about daily life May not be good for us.

To answer this i will say check any matter which Islam tells about our daily life scientifically and you will find that they are even useful for our health, bodies and lives. For example its the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad saw to sleep by doing face and body on right side. lets check it scientifically. When you will sleep by doing face and body on right side your Heart will remain above and circulation of blood will remain ok in it which is better for the health of our heart. same way check any matter told by Islam scientifically and you will find it useful for yourself.  same way if we see guidelines of Islam on a big level like ruling a state according to guidelines of Islam we will also find benefits in it.

we have the practical example of it during Khilafat Rashda when Khulfa ruled according to Islamic guidelines these where the results of it. There was so much wealth that no one was available to take Zakat during the rule of Hazrat Umar r.a. There was so much justice during Hazrat Ali r.a rule that Khilfah lost case to a Jew. There was so much freedom that a women was allowed to ask Khilaf publicly about his cloths during rule of Hazrat Umar r.a. i can give hundreds of such examples. Islam is indeed a complete and natural way of life. May Allah Swt help us all in living our lives according to Islam.
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