Dr Zakir Naik and Shahrukh Khan together on the Muslims identity

India's most famous News Channel NDTV 24/7 is bringing a Talk show on 7 March 2010 on the topic of "the Muslims identity" in which guests are one of the most famous Muslim Scholar Dr Zakir Naik, Famous bollywood Actor Shahrukh Khan and another actress Soha Ali Khan while the host of this program will be a Indian journalist Bharka Dutt. in this program they will be discussing about the issues of Islam and Muslims of India.

it will be a interesting program to watch because Dr Zakir Naik and Shahrukh Khan will be together in this Talk show and both have very different thinking about Islam. They will also be discussing the issue of Terrorism and both have different thinking on this issue as well so don,t miss this program on 7 March 2010 on NDTV 24/7 at 8 PM Indian and 7:30 PM Pakistani time.
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