Islam is not a 1400 years old religion

A large no. of people has a big misconception that Islam is a new religion that came into existence 1400 years ago and Prophet Muhammad Saw is its founder. Its an big misconception Islam is not a new religion but it came into existence from the first day of world. Prophet Adam who was the first human and first prophet on this earth and all other Prophets including Jesus, Moses, Joseph where Muslims because their message was same that God is one and Just worship him. And Prophet Muhammad saw is not the founder of Islam but last Prophet of Islam who also given the same message as all the old Prophets given that God is one and worship him alone.

Today when all the old religious scriptures like Bible, Veda, Old Testament of Bible etc are changed and people included many new things in them still they contains many verses of God and sayings of Prophets which proves that God is one and he has no idol or image as the Islam says. Bible says our Lord is one lord, Our God is one and following are also words of bible when Jesus  was taken near cross for hanging he said "Allah Allah Lima Sibaktani" which means Allah Allah why you have left me alone. Same way the religious scripture of Hindus Veda also contains many Mantras which talks about oneness of God and speaks against Idol worshiping like God is one and he has no image or idol, God is one and not the second, there is no God but the one, those are doing their own loss who do idol worshiping.

Same way all other major religious books contains words about oneness of God and against idol worshiping. Even if you read sayings of Buddha he said pray one God and he never asked to worship his idol. It proves that message of All the Prophet was one as the Quran says spreading Tauheed of Allah Swt. These where the people who added new things to religions later on like Idol Worshiping and made Jesus son of God. all the Prophets advised their Umah,s to Worship one Almighty God. So it proved that Islam is not a new religion but exists from the first day. May Allah Swt help us all in following the ways of Prophets that where send to show right paths to humans.
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