Doing Love Marriage for Converting Someone to Islam

I am going to share a Discussion between different Muslims on topic of Is it right to Do Love Marriage for Converting Someone to Islam?

Ayub Shaikh
I really wanted to know whether love marriage is allowed in our islam? converting a non muslim in to a muslim is the biggest SAWAB in our islam. A non muslim girl is ready to convert  to muslim if she marries a muslim guy who she loves,, so for this that muslim guy has to fall in love with her and then convert her to islam and marry her. so is it a crime in falling in love or its a sawab by making a non muslim girl in to a muslim girl.
No harm in converting someone to Islam out of love and marrying her/him. Many examples in UK, where a man /women got converted due to love and often became much better Muslim / Muslimah than the one they converted for.
But falling someone in your love just to convert her to islam is not right because using wrong way to spread islam is not right. but if love is happened accidentally you can marry her if she is ready to convert to islam.
Umme Hany
I'm with Brother Ahsan on this one. Reverting just because you love 'someone', is reverting for all the wrong reasons. You revert because you love Islam. Otherwise fulfilling your role as a Muslim will become more difficult. Unless you love that person because of his 'Islamic Qualities', then likely chances are that you love Islam too. So to make sure she loves Islam and reverts for the right reasons.
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