Muslims Remember: United we stand divided we fall

today i am going to discuss another very important issue that is one of the main reason of present Muslims situation in the world that United we stand divided we fall. yes we can see in the history whenever we succeeded we where united and whenever our enemy defeated us we where divided or we can say our enemy defeated us by dividing us first. today we Muslims are divided so much that we are even ready to kill each other on basis on Sects and nationalism and we seeing its result what is happening with Muslim world.

there are so many Verses of Quran and Hadiths of Prophet Muhammad saw talking about unity of Muslims and stopping from dividing into sects and also giving warning that if you will be divided you will be defeated. Allah Swt says in holy quran hold the rope of Allah and don,t be divided into sects. Prophet Muhammad saw said whoever creates Tafarqa into islam is not from us. i can quote hundreds of Verses and Hadiths of Prophet taking about muslim unity. i would also like to give some recent examples of "United we stand divided we fall" in Muslim world. Americans used Sadam Hussain for years against Iran but later on they killed the same Sadam and took control of Iraq with help of different Shia groups.one week ago leader of a group Jundullah is arrested which kills Shia,s in name of Islam and tries to show itself a Sunni Jihadi group but after his arrest he has accepted that America was funding him to kill Shia,s. i can give hundreds of such examples how our enemies are dividing us and ruling on us. Unity is very important in present situation of Muslims. May Allah Swt help us all in ending sectarianism and bringing unity in the Umah.
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