Discussion about eating Rice of Eid Milad Nabi 12 Rabiul awal

Today i am going to a share Interesting discussion about eating Rice of Eid un Milad Nabi 12 Rabi ul awal. This discussion took place between Muslims of different sects on Orkut.

Today our fridge is full of rice coming from people of 12 Rabi ul awal Eid Milad but is it right to eat those rices?
its not about eating rather its about accepting!! accepting in itself shows that you have no problem for presence of such bidah in islam.
brother Salman now they are accepted can they be eaten?
Dear Ahsan Kalima, Quran and Durood is recited on it. Allah and Allah's Beloved name are taken over it. If you want you can throw it in gutter if you have no respect for their names. Allah Hafiz. And do onething also throw the tongue in gutter becaues it takes name of Allah and Muhammad and the very tongue taste delicious food.
can't they be returned? to err is in human but mistakes can be recitified too.
btw did u care to ask them if have done the islamic puja on that food (aka fatiha)?
Since it has been taken already I would opt for one of the 2 solution:
1) return back the food, citing reasons--best method to do islah OR
2) give the food to poor.
You can eat little as sign of respect and give rest to poor people.
Eid Miladun-nabi (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) should be celebrated each and every moment in our daily life. There is no concept of celebrating birthdays in Islam like Christianity. But Eid Miladunabi (sws) should be celebrated each moment of our life... HOW? By following sunnah each moment of our life. Saying duroodo salam every moment and thanking ALLAH swt by offering excessive salaats (night salaats) for He made us all the ummati of his beloved Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam.

The things happening around us in the name of miladun nabi is a mockery of Islam and prophets teachings... Yesterday... youth carried out juloos near my home... they were shouting making noise covered the streets making traffic jam. The bidah nd shirkiya slogans.. like naraye rasool : Ya rasoolALLAH , Ghouse ka daaman: Nahi chorenge etc.... and there were so many streets covered with stages for the jalsa... so that in such jalsa they can praise prophet so high to make him equal to the status of ALLAH s.w.t. basically such processions and speaches (jalsa) organized to promote the aqeeda of their sect and nothing else NOT for ALLAH and HIS RASOOL... showoff kind...

And in Hyderabad (Ind) such processions has another angle ....that is to tease SHIA people. Since shia pple celebrate 16 Rajjab (Alleged b'day of hazrat ALI radiallahu anhu) so grandly... now Sunni (pseudo sunni) started making competition in celebrating milaad more grandly. Procession was heading towards shia streets the youth started shouting "KULCHE HAI HAI" (bread) [nick for shia in Hyderabad. Clear competition. Any ways.... competetion started long back... when pseudo sunni saw other faith pple celebrating 'JANMASHTAMI' and "CHRISTMAS".
Yes, have the rice. There should be no hesitation. If someone thinks that birthday celebration is haram and, therefore, the food is haram then do not have it. If someone thinks that birthday celebration is not haram but specifically in this event reading quran shareef, naats, etc. is haram, then do not have the rice. Otherwise have it and be grateful. In fact, make some rice yourself and send it to others as well.
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