Islamic Burqa France and Fashion Industry

A Country which is known as a very progressive and democratic country and which talks about human rights is frightened of just 1900 women that goes out by wearing Burqa. France is so much feared of these 1900 women that complete Parliament of France is doing debate on it from a long time.

Police and Intelligence agencies are ordered to find out real no. of women that wear Burqa while going out of their houses and when the statistics of women that Wear Burqa in France where calculated after very hard work it was found that only 1900 women in France wears Burqa. why these only 1900 weak women who keeps themselves in Burqa and only goes out of their houses for necessary works are so dangerous? France is such a big country but only 1900 women wears Burqa in it but still French Media and Politicians are shouting all the time to Ban Burqa. Ten years ago word Hijab was also a unknown word in Western Media but today its often used on Media in West.

Do you ever thought these 1900 women who goes out from their houses in Burqa are running which movement of terrorism or they have challenged which right of women, humanity or secular life? And when they have create threat for democracy? They are just using their right of choosing the cloths that they want to wear. Then why you are frightened of them or what they have done wrong with you? till yesterday Hijab or Burqa was not a problem for democracy nor it was religious problem. But why it is now? I tell you the real reason. Put an eye on expanding fashion industry that is earning billions of dollars every month and Media keep on admiring them. These are those people who have brought from nails to every part of women body in market by violating the women rights Charter of UN but no Women rights organization raises its voice against them.

These few people are owner of Billion dollars Fashion and advertising industry. They are increasing their multinational companies profits by showing women bodies in open. They uses Media to control the minds of women in name of Fashion and beauty. according to an report of Harvard university 80% women in US are not happy with size of their body and wants to make themselves more slim and smart and 70% women comes under depression if they watch a fashion magazine for 3 minutes.

Its all is just due to media so that women buy their products to make herself slim, smart and beautiful. most of advertisements that come on media are about women  fashion or beauty and in many advertisements their body parts are shown. after watching such advertisements women tries to buys such products while in men such advertisements  increases sexual crimes. So these people of fashion industry takes women in Burqa as a threat for themselves and doing massive propaganda against it by using Media.
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