UFOs and space crafts as mentioned in Quran

Aliens, UFOs, space crafts and secret areas etc. are a common talk now a days. In fact, even in old ages, there are signs found that direct the researchers and scientists towards some other beings that visited earth from other places of universe. What ever the truth is only known to Allah swt alone. But it does not mean that islam has not talked about these beings. Just like cloning is mentioned in Quran “aliens” also are mentioned in Quran.

Allah swt has said on many places in Quran that He swt has created seven heaven and seven earths one upon the other. Does this mean there are other places like our earth in universe? It could very much be. Because, Allah swt has not mentioned anything in Quran without any purpose of quoting it. There were many things in Quran that were not understood some time ago. But with passage of time, things became clearer and what looked simple thing contained many meanings in it. This is why Allah swt has revealed Quran in arabic. Arabic is the only language which is richest. Even a word in arabic can describe a whole sentence and can deliver a much deeper meaning. This is the miracle of Quran. Coming to the UFOs again, Allah swt say in Quran
"And among His Signs is the creation of the heavens and the earth, and the living creatures that He has scattered through them: and He has power to gather them together when He wills. (The Noble Quran, 42:29)"
In this noble verse, Allah swt tell us about His signs. Now, first thing, the signs of Allah swt are spread in this universe. Like, mountains, oceans, the tiniest and the largest creations. The life in different shapes, kinds, and sizes, the environment and some very strange secrets like the barmoda triangle. All these are His signs, which enable us to think that all this complexity fashioned into strangest arrangement of simplicity Is not some thing happened by chance. But there is some one there who has not only created all this but is also running the system. So, the verse quoted about also talks about signs. And these signs include heavens and earth. And then Allah swt say that his sign is the living creatures that He has scattered through them. Now, we know some of the creations of Allah swt. But this verse says that Allah swt has scattered the living creatures “through” them, i.e. the heavens and earth.

This means there are not just us, living on earth but some one else is also there. Now, most people will argue that it is about angels. Angels are exiting much longer than us. In fact, before humans jin used to reside on earth. Then we came. And before jin, angels were there on heavens. So it is not about angels but there are some creatures. Then, the following verse contains something which has a very deep meaning in it;
Praise be to Allah, the Cherisher and Sustainer of the Worlds  (1:1) 
The word “worlds” means not just one or two words, but many worlds. Another thing is that world or alam is the word used for the place where some one exists. We exist on earth so this is world, or world. This verse makes it simple and clear to understand that there are worlds. And those worlds are also run by Allah swt. Just like we worship Him, there are others who also worship Him. So, this verse, the very first verse of Quran tells us that we are not the only one but there are others. The following verse of Quran says;
"O ye assembly of Jinns and men! If it be ye can pass beyond the zones of the heavens and the earth, pass ye! not without authority shall ye be able to pass! (The Noble Quran, 55:33)"
This verse, tells us that going beyond earth is not an impossible thing. And we know it today. Many space ships have gone outside earth for exploration purposes. But again, Allah swt say that no one can leave the folds of earth with out authority, i.e. the will of Allah swt. And this is also evident that very many space missions could not fail to leave earth because of an end time error. So, it is not an impossible thing to leave earth. But it was impossible at the time when Quran was revealed. No body at that time could think about leaving earth in a plane. But still, the Miraj happened. And today, scientists prove and actually agree that the travel of Miraj happened. So it means that just like we can leave our earth, there are others who can leave there place or we can reach them when and if Allah's will.

To conclude, we need to think that those who are searching for other lives and for places like earth have something in their heads. This idea of other beings is not just an idea, it is backed by some knowledge. And of course, all the knowledge belongs to Allah swt. 
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