Sadaqah In Islam In Light of Quran

Sadaqah is the voluntary charity in the name of Allah swt. The literal meaning of sadaqah is the sincerity of faith on part of the one who gives it. The root word of sadaqah is sidq, which means sincerity. Islam encourages to give charity. The main purpose of giving charity is the safe guard of the society. This safe guard includes all side, from finance to morals.

Most people think that sadaqah and zakah are the same things. But they are two different things. Zakaah is the obligation on every muslim who can meets a certain financial threshold. While sadaqah is not obligation. It is just like fard namaz and nafal namaz. Both acts earn us reward but one is obligatory and the other is not.

Sadaqah and zakah are different in another way as well. Zakaah can not be given to those who can earn and able bodied and rich. Zakaah is the share of those who are too poor and needy. While sadaqah has no bounds like this. Sadaqah can be given to both rich and poor. Since, sadaqah is the show of sincerity in faith by sharing some thing from us with others, so it does not restrict us to be given only to poors and needy. Sharing increases mutual bonds and love. So sharing is encouraged in islam.

Another difference between sadaqah and zakat is that zakah cannot be given to descendants or ascendants like children to grand children or parents or grand parents. But sadaqah can be given to them. Since these immediate relations come under the responsibility, so they should be fed with and their needs need to be fulfilled as per the requirement of deen. Another difference between sadaqah and zakaat is that zakaat cannot be given to the mushrikeen and kuffar. But sadaqah can be given to non muslims. It is because of the very nature of the two.

Sadaqah is of many types. Even a smile towards parents is counted as sadaqah. A date given to some one with the intention of charity is sadaqah.  Al-Bukhaari said in his Saheeh: “Chapter: every good deed is a charity” then he narrated from Jaabir ibn ‘Abd-Allaah (may Allaah be pleased with him) that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “Every good deed is a charity.”

Every good deed that we do, which reflects us sincerity in faith is sadaqah. This hadith shows that sadaqah is not just that financial benefit but it is the moral benefit of the society as well. If every believer acts upon this one golden rule, then there will remain no more evil in the society. But nothing can be made a standard until it is adopted at individual level.

A very unfortunate thing about our society Is that zakah and sadaqah are thought to be two lowly things that cannot be accepted with open heart. This is very unfortunate because people think, only poor and low people are to be given charity. This is the very ignorance of the muslims of today's age which has made this beautiful share of wealth and possession as a lowly thing. Today, when some one wants to announce something is given in sadaqah, people do not accept anything from it. The common misconception about sadaqah is that it diverts evil. So what diverts evil is not good at all. This ignorance and non sense is really making people avoid giving anything in charity.

The need of the hour is to promote the trend of charity. Today, we are in no short of needy and poor around us. Just look beyond your house's outer wall and you will find people who are really in need of help. Our charity, no matter what kind of it is, can solve their problems. Even a careful ear to someone's problems is sadaqah. So if we listen to a muslim's problem and give him the correct idea or solution, even this will serve as sadaqah. If a good deed like smiling is sadaqah, then how can an edible item, some money or clothing un acceptable. The true meaning of sadaqah need to be spread in the society for its own betterment. 
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