April Fool Is Against Teachings of Islam

First April is celebrated world wide as a day to play pranks and enjoy and have fun with family, friends and strangers. This custom is so established that its history is altogether forgotten. This day was the day when muslims' innocence and their trust was played with by the Christians. With their long history of twisting the facts and mass murders, Christians did what they are best at on 1st april in year 711 AD.

Before going to the history, we should look at what non muslim , particularly, christian sources have to say about 1st april. Surprisingly, there is no such a day ever celebrated as first april fool before 711 AD. There is an event, the feast or festival of fools, on 25 march, but not first april. So any false stories attributed to first april by Christians is a total lie because it is no history to back it but that it was the day of mass killing of Muslims.

Muslims ruled eight hundred years in Spain. These eight hundred years were too long like eternity for Christians. They eventually succeeded to infiltrate in the muslim kingdom with the help of alcohol and smoking. When the kingdom become to weak to stand on ts foundations, Christians got the win in just one decisive blow. The last place to fall was garnatah. And that was when this lowest of the lowest blow on humanity occurred. Christians told the muslims that they could live in peace and practice their religion freely in a place safe. For this, they prepared a very large ship. Most muslims got on that ship to go to that safe place. And then when the ship reached the middle of the ocean, the servants blew it and all muslims drowned and died that day. This day was then celebrated by the christians to mock the muslims for their rule and for their stupidity to believe in their foes. Since then, april's fool day, which is also known as  all fool's day is celebrated.

Unfortunately, even though most muslims know what this day is, still they celebrate this day. The point is not stopping from having fun, the point here is to understand that on this day, our muslim brethren died a very painful death. This day gives us a very important lesson. It is that non muslims are never to be trusted in any case if it related to islam. Because they never saw islam as a religion. Islam is always been seen as a threat. Even today, in this advance age f technology, islam and muslims are seen as a threat. The threat is not our number, but it is the truth that islam contains. Islam does not only confirm the previous religions but it also contains some of the most heinous twists they added in their religion. Since islam exposes their lies and hypocrisy, so they see it as threat. And the best way to avert a threat is by distracting it. The non muslim world is doing this ever since. Every prophet faced opposition as mentioned in Quran and every nation of muslims was out casted because it backed truth and it shown truth.

Beloved prophet Muhammad pbuh said that “whoever imitates other nations, he would become one of them”. Just like all other events that we follow because we want to look modern, april fool is also a totally barbaric event. Muslims are not suppose to celebrate it at all. Allah swt say in Quran that Christians and Jews are not our friends. If they are given a chance, they would lead us astray.

These are the underlying reasons why islam is under ever more sever attack from the racist non muslims. No matter how much they deny it and cover it with sheets of liberalism, the reality will never change. According to the prophecies made by our beloved prophet Muhammad pbuh, so much is already happening around us which indicates the end of the times. The biggest thing that is happening right now is the downfall of the muslims because of their following the west. Making meaning of the days like april fool is one of the steps that our ummah has taken to follow the lost lot. Being muslims, it is every one's duty to remind other of the ruling of islam on imitating west and becoming like them. 
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