Media and The New World Order

News transmission had always had a very important part in every age and every society. Even hundreds of years ago, news used o be propagated and they used to be graded on the basis of their source. With the passage of time, communication modes advanced and today we have not one or two but many communication sources. But one thing which Is no longer there is the credibility of news and the credibility of the source.

With the emergence of newer and easier ways to communicate, the actual news is no longer the real news. Today, we cannot rely on one news source and we cannot simply believe on anything and everything that is filtered through our news sources. It is because, the sources are compromised. How could this all be achieved? The answer is the “New World Order”. This is the rule being implied on all aspects of the public life. Media is made to be the integral part of the public life. First we were told to be aware and informed about our surroundings. When this happened, now the new world order wants us to turn against each other and this what is exactly happening.

Almost no source of news propagation is independent. All the news are filtered, what is to be changed is changed and what is to be modified is modified. What media is actually doing in implanting doubts in our hearts and minds. Once a things becomes doubtful, it is all that Is needed to create fitnah. The bets way to set up this new world order is through media.

As stated earlier before the new world order, all the news used to be graded according to their sources. The best example of this is to be seen in the work of muhaditheen. They used to grade ahadith and sayings of the pious according to their sources. They were so true to their work that they would walk miles and miles just to verify the statement. But we do not see this attitude today. There is no verification done today. Every country has tens of news networks that give news which are already modified. If some one dares to speak truth, he is marked a liar and a false person. To achieve this, the promoters of new world order has bought some top analysts from every region. Their sole purpose is to tell lies and spread hatred and doubts in hearts.

Media and news propagation is not limited to news sources now. It has been reshaped and now even the so called entertainment industry is used to spread falsehood. Hollywood is the biggest example of this. Some of the information is promoted through cartoons and movies. Before 9/11, the incident was put on to many things and in many cartoons. At that time, no body noticed them but today, we know that the 9/11 incident was a pre planed and carefully articulated event to reshape the history.

Now let us see how the doubt and chaos is being established. It is done by covering the truth with equal amount of lies. This is why, whenever an “exposed” is revealed, there is a negator that also arrives. We saw this in case of Dr. Afia siddiqui. She is being held in American custody wrongfully. What she is accused of is not an act she did. But still she is being held and the world knows it. But still Pakistani media and some powerful politicians chose the wrong side. This is the same reason why Malcolm X and the likes are called terrorists and American establishment and its allies are called heroes. The need of the hour is to look for the source of the news. If the source is not reliable, the news is not reliable. And once, if such sources are shunned and rejected, the falsehood will die its own death. Allah swt say in Quran;
[049:006] O ye who believe! If an evil-liver bring you tidings, verify it, lest ye smite some folk in ignorance and afterward repent of what ye did.
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