Importance Of Self Grooming

Life is the biggest blessing of Allah swt. While most people think life is a single chance, but this is such an amazing that that though this life, we are given the status of crown of creatures. We are given multiple chances in the single life to be good. We are given a way through which we can acquire Allah's blessings, His pleasure, His happiness and His rewards.

Islam is not just a religion but a complete way of life. It is not just about worshipping and earning rewards, like most people think it is, but it is much more than this. One aspect of life which most people don't even know is that islam is the only religion which emphasises greatly on self grooming and self up grading. In fact, the more a person is groomed, the better muslim he is. By self grooming, we do not mean to do fashion and lead a life with no goal. In islam, self grooming and self concept is a very different and very interesting thing.

Who does not want to be good? Who does not want to sound good and who does not want to be known as good. Islam has the easiest solution for all of this. When this world is full of superficiality and materialism, islam tells us to be original. In this world, all that is missing is originality. Islam knows, and only islam knows how to be original.

Islam tells us how to talk, walk, live, sleep, work, eat and every thing that is about us. Allah swt tells us to be polite in our talk. And that is what is liked by all of us. We all like the soft spoken people. Soft speech does not only make the speaker sound reasonable, but such a person is never denied his right of speech. Such a person can make his point better than those who shout. Islam tell us to be humble on earth, to never walk proudly on earth. Humbleness is the most loved quality. While proud people are never considered. Humble people get along with every one easily, while proud people never get along with people and they also do not leave a good image on others.

Islam tells us to be moderate in our life affairs, ike eating, sleeping etc. most people are disliked solely because they have no public manners. Islam tells us what to do when we yawn. Islam tells us what to do when we cough. Islam tells us what to do when we sneeze and islam tells us what to say when some one else sneezes before us. Thus, islam gives us a complete package of public manners. Islam tells us not to be loud in any thing. Islam actually teaches us how to be simple yet impressive. This is what counts the most.

We all want to be the muslim who is followed and because of who people accept islam and practice it more and more. What else could be a dream of a believer than this. So, islam gives us a chance to be an ideal muslim for the society we are living in and ideal personality for every one around us. Those who are good with others, and who leave a really nice and original image on others, they are the ones who are going to be in the hereafter. Because such people do not only please their Lord, but they also become a source of happiness for Others. There is a sahih hadith that says that when Allah swt loves some one, He puts the love for his man in angels, and eventually in the hearts of His men on earth. Thus, for a good person, every thing end up good. Allah swt say in Quran;
[003:015] Say, “Shall I tell you about something (far) better than that? For the righteous ones, there exists with their Lord the gardens of paradise, through which run the rivers. There, the believers shall have eternal abodes, immaculate mates, and the acceptance and approval of Allah. And Allah (vigilantly) watches over His created servants.”
For believers, the reward is Allah's love and His jannah. And to be a believer, worship is not enough, we have to be good in every walk of life.
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