Types of Dreams In Islam

Dreams are a mysterious reality. We all dream. Our dreams are mostly related to what we do and what we think. Much and more research has been done on why we dream but still no solid theory could be presented. But one thing that researchers have agreed upon is that dreams are what we are. Our subconscious, which never sleeps and remains active all the time, records our hidden thoughts, our desires and that are shown to us when we sleep.

Islam tells us more about dreams. Dreams are not just what we are but there are three types of dreams. They are:

1: Rahmani dreams: the dreams that comes from Allah swt. Or the dreams that Allah swt show us. They are blessed abd good dreams. They give us glade tidings.

2: Shytani dreams: these are the bad dreams. They come from satan and he scares us with his evil ticks.

3: Nafsani dreams: these are the dreams of our sub conscious. What we do and what we think all combine to make these dreams. Some times, our health issues also make us seen things in dreams.

Prophet Muhammad pbuh told us so much about dreams. There are several ahadith related to them. Below are given the few;
Prophet Muhammad pbuh said, “True dreams are one of the forty-six parts of Prophethood.” (al-Bukhaari, 6472; Muslim, 4201) 
Thus, there are dreams that come true. These are mostly the information about future and information about us. Prophet Muhamamd pbuh said that in the end times, when the qayamh would be near, believers will see more and more true dreams. It is because there will be no divine revelation but in the form of dreams. There are people who have seen dreams related ot the shape, our future will take or the things that will happen. In another place, prophet Muhammad pbuh said that the truthfulness of a dream is related to the sincerity of the dreamer. The more truthful dream belongs to the person who is truthful in his speech. ( Muslim, 4200). thus, the dreams are not just information but they also tell us about ourselves. If we are truthful and innocent, our dreams will be true and vice versa. It is said that children’s dreams are true because they are innocent at heart and are free from evil twisting of facts.

Just like the types of dreams and their viewers, there are times which also define the  nature of the dream. The dreams which are seen at the sahar time, just before fajar, or in the last third part of the night, they are the truest. It is because that is the time when Allah swt descends on first sky and devils are quite.  It is also said that the dream viewed while fasting is also true ( Allahu alam).

Prophet Yusuf a.s. Was given this knowledge of interpretation of dreams. When he was in prison, he interpreted some dreams because of which he helped the ruler save his kingdom from draught. Our beloved prophet Muhammad pbuh used to interpret dreams too. Regarding the interpretation, one should not narrate his dream to every one, but only to the one who he thinks, cannot cause him any harm. One must never tell his bad dream to anyone. Similarly, one should ask for dream interpretation to those who do it with the help of Quran and sunnah and in the islamic way. There are many name sake interpreters who do not know anything about dreams and make people believe about their carved stories. Dreams are a reality. They are as real as we are. 
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