Jinn and The Myths Related to Them

Who are Jinn” what they are” where are they from” what they do? How they live etc etc are the questions which almost every person wants to know. Since, jinn are a creature other than human beings with very distinct characteristics, and they cannot be seen, so they are perceived as something very strange and dangerous. People fear them, and since they cannot see them, so they have associated many false and weird stories with them. Let us see what Quran say about them;

[015:027] And We had earlier fashioned jinn from a hot sultry flame! 
This verse tells us two things. One is that jinn are created from fire. And second is that they were created before us, the humans. Thus, jinn are not aliens or came from mars, but they are a creature who were created before us.

Jinn also have communities just like us. They are muslims, kuffar and belong to different religions. Its not that they are totally out of the world things. It is mentioned in tafsir ibn kathir, that long before the creation of man, jinn used to live on earth. Shetan is also a jin and angels took him. They found him crying and alone on earth, he was very beautiful. So they took him to heavens and raised him there. It is also mentioned in tafsir ibn kathir that shaitan was sent on earth to fight the jinn who created fitnah on earth is a decisive battle. Allahu alam.

Prophet Suleman a.s. Was given the authority over all things of the world, including jinn. He a.s. Was the most powerful king ever witnessed by earth. Thus, it is clear that humans have ruled jinn and they can rule them. So, this clarifies some of the myths about the power and magical characteristics of jinn. Jinn are a creature with their own significance. Just like us, we are also a magical creature for them, far superior and far better. This is why satan chose to disobey Allah swt over prostrating before Adam a.s. Allah swt has mentioned about jinn on mny places in Quran. It is also mentioned that there are jinn who are friends of satan. And these are the jinns, who are worshipped by people. Let us see some verses from Quran;
[006:130] (Allah will say), “Oh the species of jinn and humans! Had the messengers from among your own kind not come to you? And (did they not) recite to you My revelations, and warn you about the meeting of this very day?” They will say, “(Yes, and) we bear witness against ourselves.” The life of this world deceived them, and they will bear witness that they were indeed the unbelievers. 
This verse tells us that just like us, jin also had messengers who brought them the message of truth and wisdom from Allah swt.
[007:179] In fact, We have doomed to hell many of the jinn and the humans. They have a brain, but with it they fail to think. They have eyes but they do not use them to see (the truth). They have ears but they fail to hear (the truth) with them. They are (just) like cattle; in fact they are worse. Such are the heedless ones! 
This verse tell so that jinn can also think like humans. Now what their capabilities are is not entirely know. They have some gifts just like us. But one thing is clear that we have some qualities which they do not have at all. So, both jin and humans both will be judged according to their deeds in this world. When prophet Muhammad pbuh was given the divine message to preach, jinn also took advantage of it and accepted islam as mentioned in this verse;
[046:029] And recall the time (oh Muhammad, SAW) when We turned a small group of jinn towards you to hear the Qur’an (being recited). As they came closer, they said (to each other), “Be quiet and listen attentively.” When the recitation ended they went back to their people to warn them.
Thus, jinn can think and they can do dawah. It is only that we do not know their domain and their mode of work. We are two different creatures. Just like a bad person can harm us, a bad jin can harm us. Just like we fear a bad person some of us fear bad jin. But it does not mean that one should associate superficiality to the creatures of Allah swt. Our religion is based on reasoning. And the biggest reason we can see is our own self. If we can only explain ourselves, that is when we can raise questions about other things.  
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