Boy Friend Girl Friend Culture Vs Nikah

In this fast pace world where most things have changed, the mixing of opposite sexes is also a common thing. Men and women work together, study together and travel together. Internet has covered the further distances between them. Today, it is not strange to have a boy friend or girl friend. In fact, not having a boy friend or girl friend is considered as backward and coward, a life without fun.

We all know that islam does not allow such relationships. Islam is not against friendship, Islam is against the closeness of two people who are of opposite sex and who could indulge in illegal relationship. Prophet Muhammad pbuh said .” between a man and a women, the third one is satan”. It means that when ever a woman and a man are alone. Satan takes this golden opportunity. He instigates both or one of them to think otherwise. This has been proven a hundred thousand times. Even in our daily lives, we see this happening. For example, internet, a common and a very useful tool for satan. Young and even elder men and women fall into the illicit relationship with each other. Many married men and women are found doing this. Many marriages ended because of this. This is why there cannot be any relationship between men and women named friendship.

But it does not mean that Islam restricts any feelings that one feels for some one who he likes. In fact, it is mentioned in Quran in the following words;
[002:235] You bear no sin if you drop a hint to those (widowed) women of marriage proposal, or keep (such thoughts) to yourself. Allah knows that naturally you would think about them. But do not engage in a secret tryst; do not go beyond uttering the generally recognized remark. Definitely, do not contract (or consummate) marriage in secret before the prescribed period of waiting is over. Know it (for sure) that indeed Allah knows whatever is in your heart. So fear Him, and know (for sure) that Allah is the most Forgiving and the most Merciful.
In a sahih hadith, prophet Muhammad pbuh said,
“there is nothing more beautiful but nikah between two people who love each other.”
Thus, our religion does not restrict us to like some one. In fact, it is a very natural thing. Human beings feel for each other. So islam promotes marriage instead of secret illegal relationships. Just imagine a person, who likes you so much, but who fears to give name to your relationship. A woman, who wants to be with you but does not want the world to know, a man who loves you, cares about you, but cannot keep you at his side when it comes to the world to know. Can you ever trust such a person? Your answer will be no. of course, loving some one does not only mean illicit relationship for some time. Love does not mean lust. Love means to care, respect and feel for the other person. Therefore, go for marriage, instead of looking for temporary relationships. Allah swt has put so much barakah in marriage. He swt says;
“And whoever of you have not the means wherewith to wed free believing women, they may wed believing girls from among those (slaves) whom your right hands possess, and Allaah has full knowledge about your Faith; you are one from another. Wed them with the permission of their own folk (guardians, Awliyaa’ or masters) and give them their Mahr according to what is reasonable; they (the above said slave-girls) should be chaste, not committing illegal sex, nor taking boyfriends.”
[al-Nisa’ 4:25]

Pray for the life partner who will be your not only in this world, but in the hereafter too. And when you find some one close to your heart, seek Allah's blessings and go for the halal relationship. 
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